Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Accommodation: For rooms (depending on the room type selection),
in hotels or category name and similar price. All programs offer certain availability for each trip. If the number is exceeded and the booked hotel cannot accept the total number of guests, passengers will be offered a hotel with similar characteristics.

Arrival and departure hotel: Please check with us for information on each hotel Check-in and check-out times as they vary according to different hotels. Transfers: To arrive and leave each city, according to what is indicated for each reservation, by coach, van or a private car, taxi or bus. Transfers where the price is not indicated for one person are based on a minimum participation of two passengers, arriving and departing together, on the same flight or from the same hotel or on site. tours and guided tours
are multilingual. The services that include ground transportation will be by coach, van or private car, taxi or bus. For arrival and departure transfers there is a reasonable waiting time for guides, for arrivals the maximum waiting time is 1 hour and for departures, 30 minutes, after this time, the guide sheets, the service It is given as a no-show and is charged, after this time, if the passenger contacts us to pick him or her up, the person must pay the service or charge to the operators account, with their prior authorization.

Luggage: Baggage management includes one medium-sized bag or one suitcase per person in hotels, airports, train stations, ports and other places, of weight and dimensions within the limits established by the airlines. Excess baggage and excess weight or size must be paid directly by each passenger to our guide, airline or the local service provider office, according to the rates in force for each case. If, for whatever reason, there is not enough space in our vehicles due to excess baggage, the owner is solely responsible for the transport and costs.

All programs do not include: Airport taxes, passport and visas, excess baggage, hotel extras, such as drinks, food, cables, telephone calls, dry cleaning service, etc … In general, any other concept that is not specified on our website.

Cancellation conditions for individual services and hotels: We will not accept, for any reason, cancellations made directly to hotels or service providers, Wand3r Travel ® will not accept complaints and we will not offer refunds. Cancellations must be made through the sales agent. We will not contemplate direct cancellation with hotels or service providers for any reason or motive. Doing this implies acceptance of responsibility for the expenses that may occur.

Credit card payments: We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa for payments. For the use of American Express you must add 4.5% and for Visa and Master Card you must add 4% to the total cost, this amount will be automatically charged by the system.

Responsibility: As organizers of the programs included in this system and on behalf of our affiliates or representatives, on the one hand, the clients and the people or entities that provide services for the different itineraries, such as transport companies, hotels, attractions, rental companies of vehicles, etc., on the contrary, to assume responsibility for the fulfillment of the aforementioned services, but declining all responsibility for delays, strikes, earthquakes, quarantines, hurricanes and other causes of force majeure, also above any loss, damage, accidents or injuries, or irregularities that may be incurred by passengers or their belongings, motivated by third parties and beyond the control organizers and / or affiliated provider. In the same way, we will be exempt from any damage caused by the modifications of the airlines or delays that could affect the program. If a passenger changes flights or loses a connection for any reason, they must contact our phone number and inform their new arrival of the flight, if they do not do this, we will run out of information at all and the guide will be waiting At the original time of arrival, producing a no-show expense and being able to pick up the passenger again, another fee will be charged to the wholesale operator or passenger. This will be informed to the passenger and if he does not want to pay, he has to take a taxi and file a complaint with the airline in charge.

Commissions: Sales commissions will not be paid if it is done in our offices or with the use of our means of transport or events, without prior reservation and a pre-payment to the wholesale operator.

General conditions of acceptance: Once the reservation is made, it is implicitly established that the passenger fully accepts each and every general state set forth and what is stipulated by us. The price of any service offered by us can be adjusted without prior notice, whether it be an increase or decrease in prices. We are not obliged to communicate any change in prices. Each client is responsible for reconfirming the prices on our website www.bookinghotelsandmore.com